Complete solution for
Clinical and Industrial
Laboratory Management

Functional Vision

KLIMS plays a central role in the solution architecture of a LIMS-Laboratory Information Management System as it provides the functionality required for this type of information system. KLIMS differentiates itself from other products by its technical and functional architecture that allows the recording and manipulation of structured and unstructured data (documents, images or videos). In this way, it can also function as an ELN – Electronic Laboratory Notebook.

The functional scope of the solution covers all laboratory processes.

The solution that can also be implemented as a central component of an SDMS - Scientific Data Management System, with the advantage of being able to be implemented on-premises or in the cloud, integrating environments in and out of the field in a transparent manner and preserving the levels of protection and confidentiality of information relevant to the research and scientific production activities of professionals, focusing on the user and with an impact on the results and satisfaction of all stakeholders.

CORE FUNCTIONALITY - The laboratory flow

The system supports a comprehensive and integrated flow of activities



Configuration of the laboratory structure


Sample management




Customer Portal


Timing and planning


Stock management


Integration and interoperability


Statistics and analytics


Quality management


Management of equipment and instruments


Document management